My main research interests lie in teacher education and pedagogical practice including use of ICT to enhance teaching and learning, including, most recently, the use of tablet computers in primary schools.  I am member of the Editorial Board of Technology, Pedagogy and Education and a reviewer for several key education journals.

I am a serial collaborator, working with colleagues within and beyond Ulster on a range of interdisciplinary projects funded by the Wellcome Trust, The British Council, ESRC, Astra Zeneca, Irish Aid, Garfield Weston Trust, government departments and charities. These projects have also included an international study of student teacher mentorship, working with teacher education researchers in Malawi, Mozambique and Uganda.  

Most recently I have become concerned about the diminishing role of education professionals in a time of anti-elite sentiments and populism, and have sought to design an innovative, interdisciplinary Model, the Place Model which uses two senses of place (status and learning journey) to conceptualise the dystopias and ideals of professionalism – this novel ontology is the focus of a recent book, conference keynotes and paper in Discourse. Click for more on the Place Model or to access my Publications.